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Professional hairstyling tips - Try these simple fixes for flat hair

Flat Hair? Try These Simple Fixes

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While maintaining voluminous hair can be a challenge, it’s worth it when you see how bouncy and full it looks. With so much hair, you can style it in a variety of ways, from beautiful ponytails and updos to stunning waves. Even if you have fine hair, there are plenty of fuller looking hairstyles you can try, but what if your hair is still looking flat? Here are some simple fixes to tackle this issue. Read More

Hairstyle expert guides: the best trendy hair looks for older women

Trendy Hair Looks for Older Women

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We all change as we get older, and often our style follows us. Finding new hairstyles can get a little more challenging, especially if you’ve been used to having one look in your younger years. Many older women want to remain trendy but aren’t sure what they should do. However, regardless of age, there’s no need to play it safe when it comes to finding a look you love. Here’s some hair inspiration for those looking for a change, identifying a style which suits you while staying on-trend. Read More

Rocking the Ponytail This Winter

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We all know how tough it can be having long hair in the winter. However pristine you look before you leave the house, it’s not long before wind, rain, hats and scarves leave our hair looking like it’s been through the wars. That’s why the ponytail is still such a popular and easy way to keep hair out of our eyes.

Here are some of the best ways to wear your hair in a ponytail this season. Read More

Hair colouring guides - why you should avoid using products with ammonia

Why Should You Avoid Ammonia When Colouring Your Hair?

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When colouring your hair, it’s essential you don’t use products which will damage your locks. A professional hairdresser will have access to some of the best high-quality hair colours available which don’t contain any of the most damaging chemicals you’ll often find in dye products. One of the key ingredients to avoid is ammonia. Here’s why. Read More

Essential Guide for a First Time Pixie Cut

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Whether you’re getting fed up with your current style or you’ve decided to ditch the hair extensions, one of the scariest decisions to make is delving into the world of short hair. Getting a pixie cut is a bold move, but it’s also highly rewarding, looking chic, trendy, sophisticated, effortless and beautiful all in one. We know it can be daunting if you’ve never tried this type of style before, so here’s our guide to getting a first-time pixie cut. Read More