We all know how tough it can be having long hair in the winter. However pristine you look before you leave the house, it’s not long before wind, rain, hats and scarves leave our hair looking like it’s been through the wars. That’s why the ponytail is still such a popular and easy way to keep hair out of our eyes.

Here are some of the best ways to wear your hair in a ponytail this season.

The High Pony

High ponytails can be a great way to add volume to your hair when it’s looking a little flat. We love textured messy styles for this reason, especially those which can be seen from the front. This works best with mid-length to long hair.

Start by adding some waves or curls to your locks, providing some initial texture while your hair is loose. If you still think you need more volume, try backcombing the part of your hair which is going to be the base of the ponytail rather than the roots. However, try to be as gentle as possible when doing this so that you don’t damage your hair.

Make sure your parting is where you want it and start at the top of your hair, bringing each lower layer up to the desired height. Grab your choice of hairband and tie it. If you need some more texture around the upper sections, gently tug to pull strands back through the hair tie a little, while it keeps the ponytail in place. You can also try this one if you’re wearing hair extensions for some extra volume.

The Low Pony

Low ponytails are a really convenient way of quickly tying your hair back, requiring much less preparation than high ones. However, there are some ways to make this type of ponytail look a little more stylish for winter wear. Some great ideas we’ve seen include half braided styles, fishtails and sleeked back looks.

You could even rock the French braid ponytail which gives you the best of both worlds if you love plaits. Start by French braiding the hair from the top, as if you’re going to do it the whole way. However, stop when you get to the base of the scalp, tying with either a band or a pretty hair scarf. This also works well if you put some waves into your hair first, keeping the gorgeous effect running through the lengths.

Party Updo

With the festive season upon us, you can also use a ponytail to frame your Christmas party style. It’s the ideal way to keep those annoying strands out of your eyes while surviving the journey to your event. Some of the best ideas include adding some hair glitter, gems or even some sparkly hairpins to complete the look.

Need help with your winter hairstyle? Pop in to see us at the House of Klamer in Beaconsfield. Our talented stylists are happy to assist. Book a hair appointment now.

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