For men, one of the downsides of getting older is that your hair can start to become thinner. Luckily, there are some flattering hairstyles to help you feel confident about the way you look. Here are some of the best haircut ideas for men with fine hair, which you can take to your barber or hairdresser.

Keep It Short

It may sound counterproductive, but longer hair can actually bring more attention to your thinning locks or receding hairline. Therefore, shorter styles work best, rocking what you do have with a trendy hairstyle for men.

High Skin Fades

If thinning or receding hair is the issue, shaved sides with a high skin fade will create the appearance of longer locks up top, taking attention away from a receding hairline. Add some contrast with a short, trendy comb over with a slight quiff. This can add a little more volume on top to give hair a thicker appearance, and these styles also work well with a full beard. This style is great if you’ve only just started to notice your hair thinning, you’re in the early stages and want to take control.

Add Texture

To cover some of those thinning areas, adding more texture to the lengths up top is a great idea to limit the amount of scalp on show. For shorter lengths, this could be with a spikier do, or for those who still have longer lengths up top, a messy hairstyle can look natural and maximise the area.

Slicked Back

Thanks to the success of Peaky Blinders, slicked back lengths with super short sides is still incredibly popular. Avoid greasy hair by limiting the amount of wax or hair products used. You can set the style with some hairspray instead to hold it in place. For a more sophisticated look, keep the sides a little longer.

Buzz It Off

If you’re ready to brave the shave, an all-over buzz cut can remove the stress of trying to cover up your thinning hair. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go for something a little more trendy looking. This includes a bald fade or even a cool hair design where a pattern is razored into the hairline (usually at the forehead or side of the temple). However, don’t feel afraid to keep it simple with a classic buzz cut, as it’s a really masculine style which suits most men.

Low Maintenance Crew Cut

The traditional crew cut is a hairstyle which still looks great, drawing attention away from your hair and back to your facial features. This allows you to retain more length in the hair up top than a full buzz cut. And the best part is it’s really easy to maintain, unlike some other styles, keeping the hair high and tight.

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