Giving your hairstyle an overhaul can feel really refreshing, but many people are scared to make the change as they’re not sure what will suit them. One idea is to choose a hairstyle which complements your face shape, hitting the right angles and adding some new dimensions to flatter your facial features perfectly. Take a look at our top hair ideas for each shape.

Round Faces

Round-shaped faces are precisely that. The horizonal and vertical lengths of your face will be pretty equal, with soft and rounded features. The cheeks are often the widest dimension. To add some length and more angles, there are various hairstyles which work wonders for round faces. This includes angled lobs, spiky pixie cuts and adding layers to long hair.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are a longer version of a round-shaped face, so the chin and forehead remain rounded rather than pronounced. You can add angles with a blunt bob and face-framing haircut. This type of shape also suits a sweeping fringe, shortening the face in the right places. If going for a pixie cut, oval faces suit just about any style because of their well-balanced shaped.

Square Faces

Another obvious one, but a square-shaped face usually has fairly straight sides and an angled jaw with most of the lengths in proportion to one another. Popular haircut ideas for those with square faces include styles which draw attention to some of their beautiful features like the cheekbones. This could be a style such as short layered bob, but avoid a blunt cut to help soften the angles of your face. That’s why square faces suit more shaggy hairstyles with lots of long layers. You may also suit a side-parted style to offset the square shape.

Oblong/Rectangle Faces

A rectangle-shaped face (or oblong if you have rounded edges) is similar to a square (or round shape), but the face length is longer than the width. The forehead, jawline and cheekbones will be equal. You can soften the appearance of a sharp jaw and forehead with a soft layered cut. Beware of keeping your hair too long, or this can elongate the shape further. However, if you love longer locks, add some volume to the width with a blow-dry or bouncy waves.

Heart Faces

If the widest part of your face is at your forehead, slowly getting narrower and angled towards a more pointed chin, you have a heart-shaped face. Because this shape can be top-heavy, tousled locks work really well to add softer angles. If you want to frame your face more, try a shoulder-length bob with a soft fringe, adding more fullness around the jawline area.

Diamond Faces

Characterised by high cheekbones and a pointed chin, a diamond shape face differs from heart faces as the forehead remains narrow. The best hairstyles will soften these angles, so a deeper side parting works well with medium or longer-length, tousled locks. This face shape also suits a ponytail, showing off those gorgeous cheekbones.

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