While maintaining voluminous hair can be a challenge, it’s worth it when you see how bouncy and full it looks. With so much hair, you can style it in a variety of ways, from beautiful ponytails and updos to stunning waves. Even if you have fine hair, there are plenty of fuller looking hairstyles you can try, but what if your hair is still looking flat? Here are some simple fixes to tackle this issue.

Professional hairstyling tips - Try these simple fixes for flat hair

Add Volume to Hair with Products

Volume enhancing products are going to be your best friend if you have flat hair, but it’s important to read the instructions. Some are going to require you add it to damp hair, so work the product in before you towel dry. Volumising, thickening shampoos and conditioners are going to work best because heavier conditioners will only weigh your tresses down further. Look for products which state they add more body to your hair.

Buy a Good Hair Mousse

Forgotten about the benefits of hair mousse? It could be worth trying some of the amazing modern products out there, giving your style the stronger hold it needs to last throughout the day. Some people worry a mousse is going to make their hair feel stiff, but today’s formulations leave hair feeling soft and plump. They keep the extra volume you put into your hair without it falling flat.

Professional Blow-Drying Tips

Ask your hairdresser to show you the best ways to blow-dry your locks to give them extra bouncy volume. For example, many use a good brush to dry the hair in sections, lifting from the roots and using heat underneath before they work up to the tips. Once you’ve mastered volumising techniques, seal the bounce in with a blast of cold air and use a high-quality hairspray.

Get the Right Haircut

Talk to your hairstylist about the right types of cut for flat hair. Many people don’t like a feeling of weight in their hair, so they often ask for layers to be added. However, this could thin out the hair and make it less voluminous. However, a good stylist may be able to add layers in such a way as to add more body and movement. Getting a cut which is going to keep the weight in without it feeling too ‘heavy’ is the trick here, so consider something a little blunter and one-length. Longer hair can often lay flatter, especially if it’s fine, so removing those split ends is also going to help.

Need help with fine or flat hair?

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