From bringing post festival hair back to life to dry hair in need of some hydration, there’s a whole spectrum of issues which can affect how healthy our tresses look. Another problem which many people encounter is oily hair, increasing how often you want to wash it. Luckily, we have some expert tips to help you banish greasy hair for good.

Good hair guides - learn how to banish oily or greasy hair for goodChange Your Wash & Shampoo Routine

If you’re prone to greasy or oily looking hair, it can be tempting to wash it every day to start again from scratch. While this can strip the oil out from your roots, your hair will begin to replenish it almost immediately. Try washing your hair every other day, or less frequently to see if it makes a difference. You should also think about the types of product you’re buying and whether these are suitable for your hair type. If you’re frustrated with greasy looking hair, check your products don’t use words such as ‘extra shine’, ‘glossy’, ‘intense’ or anything aimed at dry hair. They could be adding more oils to your locks. Ask your hairdresser about whether there are some great shampoos and conditioners they’d recommend.

Be Careful when Applying Products

The way you apply products to your hair can also have an impact on how oily it is, especially when using conditioner. It’s always tempting to use it as you would a shampoo, but have you ever noticed on the back of the bottle how it usually directs you to only apply it from the mid-lengths to the ends? Try using your conditioner sparingly on the tips only to see if this improves matters, and use a wet hair detangle brush to get rid of any annoying knots instead.

Keep Hair Tools Clean

Another reason your hair may be getting greasy each day is the particles you’re transferring onto it yourself. Do you have a habit of playing with your hair? This could be putting all sorts of grease through the lengths. Many people also forget to clean the hair styling tools (including their brushes) regularly which could be suffering from a build-up of oil, hair, old products and dust particles. When you use them on your locks, you’ll be transferring grease back to your own hair and brushing it into every part of your tresses from the roots to the ends.

Give Your Hair a Break

Do you apply a lot of different products to your hair or style it each day? Think about the effect it could be having on your locks. For example, if you usually straighten your hair, are you using heat protection products and hairspray? Give your hair a holiday, go natural and let it replenish for a while.

When you come in for your hair appointments, speak to the team at House of Klamer about any issues you’re having with your hair. They’ll be able to offer some expert advice about ways to improve the way your hairstyle looks and feels. Contact us now to book your next visit.

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