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Determine your skin's undertone to find hair colours to complement your whole look. Includes tips & advice for identifying cool, warm and neutral undertones. Speak to a hairstylist now about changing your hair colour.

How to Choose the Right Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone

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A switch in hair colour can change your whole look, but have you ever wondered which shades would suit you best? Rather than experimenting until you find one you like, there are some better ways to narrow down your options. One of these is by choosing a hair colour which will complement your skin tone and enhance your natural features. Here are a few expert tips to follow. Read More

The best hairstyles & trends to emerge from the 2019 Academy Awards. Includes gorgeous updos, relaxed styles, hair accessories, Hollywood waves, bobs, braids & wavy pixie hair. Feel inspired for your next hair appointment.

Our Favourite Hairstyles from This Year’s Oscars

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Now that we’re in the midst of the award season, one of our favourite things is seeing the stars in all their finery. This includes the glamorous and trendy hairstyles showcased by some of the biggest names in the business attending the Academy Awards. They always offer our clients plenty of inspiration when it comes to anything from party makeup and hair to styles for the upcoming wedding season. Here are some of our favourite hairstyles to emerge from this year’s Oscars. Read More

Hairstyling salon guides - Best GHD style ideas for all lengths of hair

GHD Style Ideas for All Hair Lengths

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We wouldn’t be anywhere without our trusted pair of hair straighteners or curling wand, and there’s a reason why so many people favour GHDs over the rest. There are very few other brands who get the job done like GHDs, and the hairstyles you can create with them are endless, making them some of the most versatile straighteners for every hair length. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some of our favourite ways to use them to change your hairstyle, creating a fabulous look however long your hair is. Read More

New Year, New Style? We take a look at why you want to change your look & how to make the right choice for you. Includes expert advice for hairstyle changes, hair colour changes & hair pampering treatments you'll love.

New Year, New Style? Choose the Right Hair Change for You

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It’s that time again when we all begin to get ‘new year, new you’ fever, and for some people, that means choosing a new hairstyle that’s going to ensure their year has a feel-good start. With so many choices, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide exactly what to do with your hair. If you’re craving a change, don’t just take the plunge for the sake of it. It’s important to select a style that leaves you wondering why you didn’t do it ages ago.

Here are our top tips for making the right decision for you. Read More

What are the most on-trend fringe styles right now? Find out more about wispy fringes, short fringes, curly looks, grown out styles & much more. Book an appointment with an expert stylist to choose the right look for you.

What Are the Most On Trend Fringe Styles?

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One of the things we love about entering a new year is that a whole wave of hairstyle trends come with it. From retro hairstyles making a comeback to the most popular Winter cuts, it’s great to see such a huge range of ideas to inspire us. If you’re choosing a new look, which so many do at this time of year, adding a fringe is a great way to refresh your hair without doing anything drastic. Let’s take a look at some of the most on-trend fringe styles emerging from salons everywhere. Read More

Beauty & hair guides: Christmas party makeup ideas | The House of Klamer

This Year’s Best Christmas Party Makeup Ideas

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It’s that time of year again with the fairy lights out, Christmas music playing, prosecco on tap…and we’re feeling in the party spirit. But when it comes to deciding on a look for some of the festive outings we’ve got coming up, it’s always great to get some new style inspiration. As well as all the latest hair trends, it’s important to think about your complete look, and this includes your Christmas party makeup. Here are some ideas which are going to be popular throughout December, the New Year and beyond. Read More

Hair trend guides: retro hairstyles making a comeback | The House of Klamer

Retro Hairstyles Making a Comeback

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While we always love seeing new hairstyles and colour trends emerge, sometimes old styles come back in fashion with an updated twist to make them feel like a whole new look. There’s also those styles which are completely timeless, providing us with a feeling of vintage glamour and beauty, whatever the year. With the party season upon us, let’s take a look at some of the retro hairstyles making a comeback. Read More