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While we always love seeing new hairstyles and colour trends emerge, sometimes old styles come back in fashion with an updated twist to make them feel like a whole new look. There’s also those styles which are completely timeless, providing us with a feeling of vintage glamour and beauty, whatever the year. With the party season upon us, let’s take a look at some of the retro hairstyles making a comeback.

Hair trend guides: retro hairstyles making a comeback | The House of KlamerHigh Ponytails

We’ve seen a rise in ponytails this season with Autumn hair trends often centring around keeping those wisps at bay when we’re out and about. One of the signature styles making a comeback is high ponytails, and these can be a great style for all those festive parties coming up. The hair remains sleeked at the front, but the retro look comes with adding volume to the ponytail so that it can clearly be seen above and either side of the head. You can even tease and crimp the ponytail for a more wavy style on the length. The more volume, the better, so book yourself a blow-dry and ask for this style.

80s Curls & Big Hair

Another couple of retro trends encouraging us to go BIG are the return of some 80s favourites. Having seen women across the nation embracing their gorgeous natural curls this year, it’s no surprise to see styles resembling the classic perm. Tighter ringlets without the frizz is just one of the ways you can use modern products to your advantage when rocking this ‘do. If looking for a softer look, big 80’s hair is on the rise, but with gentler waves than we saw 30 years ago.

Wispy Fringes

For a more casual look this season, soft curls and wispy fringes are a great choice. Combined with a ‘lob’ haircut, a longer fringe can blend effortlessly with the rest of your hairstyle rather than feeling like it’s in the way. That said, if you’re looking to make more of a statement, try a choppy punk-style fringe or short 80s baby fringe to frame your look.

70s Vibes

We love 70s hair, combining beautiful loose waves at the front with more of an updo at the back. It’s a great way to keep your hair in place while softening the look at the front. The trick in this one is the bounce – something we know all about in Beaconsfield! We’re also seeing a rise in headbands and colours such as rose gold and shimmery pink highlights, so why not combine all three for the ultimate 70s look.

Feeling inspired?

It can be daunting when you take the plunge and decide on a new look, especially if the hairstyle is one which we’ve already seen worn over the years. To put you at ease, book an appointment with our friendly stylists at the House of Klamer. We love looking at old and new ideas, ensuring they look great on the individual. We also provide styling services for those looking to pin their hair up for an event or get a blow-dry. Book an appointment now or call on 01494 671 771 to speak to our team.

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