When looking at the right hair treatments or products, one of the beneficial ingredients you’ll often hear about is argan oil, present in anything from high quality shampoos and conditioners to the popular Moroccanoil range. But is it just a buzzword or is it actually good for your hair?

Is argan oil really good for your hair? Find out where it comes from & how products can restore the health of your hair & skin. Used in shampoos, conditioners, shine sprays, hair mousse, hair treatments, hair masks & more.What Is Argan oil?

Argan oil has been named after its source – kernels from argan trees which are particularly common in Morocco. While out there it’s often used as a dipping oil or drizzled on pasta, one of its main uses elsewhere is on hair and skin for cosmetic purposes. Its beneficial properties are thanks to the high volumes of nutrients it contains, packed with vitamin E and antioxidants. These work to reduce the oxidative stress which causes cellular damage to hair follicles. Argan oil has made its way into both hair and skin products, including hair treatment oils, body oils, soaps, hydrating hair masks, heat protection sprays, hair mousse, styling creams, shine sprays and scalp treatments, as well as everyday products used to wash your hair. You can also buy pure argan oil and fragrances thanks to its gorgeous nutty scent.

Benefits of Argan Oil

One of the reasons argan oil is so beneficial for your hair is due to its conditioning properties. The vitamin E and antioxidants it contains are known to boost cells, promoting hair growth and improving its condition. This means hair can become thicker and stronger and doesn’t get as dry and coarse. This could be great for reducing issues like split ends and dandruff. Hair needs hydration and moisture to truly shine. Therefore, if your hair gets damaged from activities such as applying chemicals, heat or products, it could do with some argan oil to help restore its condition. Far from being a product solely for women, it can also be used on men’s hair too.

How to Use on Your Hair & Skin

If applied correctly, you can use argan oil to enhance the health of your hair, nails and skin. How you use argan oil products will always depend on the specific products and their intended use. If you have a bottle of pure argan oil, you can use just a few drops at a time, for example, massaging into the skin and smoothing through your hair. However, if you’re using an argan oil hair mask, you’ll need to refer to the instructions, and you may need to leave it to absorb for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing out. Hair mask products are usually only recommended once a week. Other products such as shampoos and conditioner can be used as normal.

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