One of the things we love about entering a new year is that a whole wave of hairstyle trends come with it. From retro hairstyles making a comeback to the most popular Winter cuts, it’s great to see such a huge range of ideas to inspire us. If you’re choosing a new look, which so many do at this time of year, adding a fringe is a great way to refresh your hair without doing anything drastic. Let’s take a look at some of the most on-trend fringe styles emerging from salons everywhere.

What are the most on-trend fringe styles right now? Find out more about wispy fringes, short fringes, curly looks, grown out styles & much more. Book an appointment with an expert stylist to choose the right look for you.Wispy Fringes

Wispy fringes aren’t for everyone as they’re quite long at the front. However, if you love longer fringes, they’re perfect to help frame your face. They can blend in effortlessly with layered hair if kept longer at the sides.

Short Fringes

Short fringes don’t have to look as harsh as baby fringes. One of the most trendy looking styles at the moment is a micro fringe which sits about an inch higher than the eyebrows but consists of roughly chopped hair strands. It’s a great way to achieve the ‘pixie’ look without going short all over. The bonus? This fringe suits every length of hair!

Blunt Fringes

We love blunt fringes because they’re so simple to achieve yet have a stunning impact. This type of fringe is slightly thicker than other styles, keeping it straight at the base and grazing the brows for an ultra-sophisticated look.

Grown Out Fringe

Grown out fringes are the ideal look for those who want their fringe to appear effortless. This looks perfect with thick locks cascading down the cheeks, softening the face if you like wearing your hair up.

Side Fringes

We’ve heard that side swept fringes are going to be HUGE this year, adding extra layers for the ultimate chic look. This flattering style is easy to maintain, and it even works with choppier fringes if going for a ‘rock’ vibe.

Curtain Fringes

Curtain fringes were a massive hit last year, and it’s a trend which looks set to continue. This style is achieved by creating a longer fringe, separating in the centre to frame the face perfectly. By keeping the fringe lightweight, wispy and a little dishevelled, it provides a relaxed yet elegant style that also adds some dimension to your locks.

Choppy Fringes

A choppy fringe looks amazing when combined with textured, soft waves through the lengths of your hair or a sleek ‘lob’ do.

Curly Fringes

We love that women are now embracing their natural curls, and this has extended to their fringes. Achieve the look by asking for some of your curls to be cut shorter around the front, creating a beautiful tousled shape that frames the rest of your curly locks while adding more bounce and volume.

Feel inspired to take the leap?

Here at the House of Klamer, we love working with clients to achieve the best look for them. If you’d like to renew your look with a beautiful fringe in a style that’s ideal for you, come and speak to our expert stylists at our Beaconsfield salon. Book an appointment now on 01494 671 771.

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