As the weather starts to warm up, we’re seeing brighter colours make their way back into everything from our nails and wardrobe to popular hair colours. Here are some of the best ways to rock pink hair.

Do you love pink hair? Here are some of the best ideas for how to pink-up your locks. Includes icy blonde balayage, peachy tones for brunettes, rose gold highlights, bold & vibrant pinks and rainbow hair for a statement look.Icy Blonde Balayage

With summer around the corner, cool toned hair colours are a great choice, and icy blonde is perfect when paired with pink pastel tones, fading seamlessly into each other. Some prefer pink locks through the lengths with blonde roots or vice versa. This type of hair looks great worn both up and down as it’s so easy to create a different look depending on which shades you want to be most prominent.

Brunettes Can Have Fun Too

Far from being a trend which is solely for those with blonde hair, pink balayage can also work well with brunette locks. The pink tones will often become a shade of peach once applied to lifted dark hair, working perfectly together for a warmer look. A rich brunette base can suddenly look like a raspberry chocolate hair sundae – delicious!

Rose Gold Highlights

With 70s hair making a comeback, it’s no surprise that rose gold has become the latest source of our hair envy. This beautiful metallic shade feels a little more ‘grown up’ than brighter pinks, flattering warmer complexions and those who love a vintage vibe to their look. You can even choose more subtle highlights to create the perfect mix between your hair and the rose gold hues.

Dare to Be Bold

For those who love pink and want a bold new look, one of the ways you can wear this colour is to choose a deep, vivid shade to cover your entire locks. If you’re nervous, you could start by choosing an ombré effect first, with a richer colour at the roots which fades into a brighter, more metallic looking pink for the midsections and ends.

Rainbow Hair Effects

Don’t think that pink has to be worn on its own. With the festival season coming up and summer parties galore to enjoy, adding rainbow colours to your tresses can brighten up a lacklustre hair do. Some great ideas we’ve seen include combining pink and lilac, berry colours (including blackberry and blueberry) and even tropical hair which mixes fruit coloured greens, yellows and pinks. This type of hair isn’t for the faint-hearted but can look amazing and make a real statement when done well.

Loving pink hair?

Step into our salon in Beaconsfield. Our team at the House of Klamer is highly trained and skilled in hair colouring techniques, so if you’re looking to add some pink to your hair, get in touch. We’ll talk you through some of your options, can show you examples of hair we’ve created (just check out our social media pages!), and we’ll even help you match your hair colour to your skin tone. Call now on 01494 671 771 to book an appointment.

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