We wouldn’t be anywhere without our trusted pair of hair straighteners or curling wand, and there’s a reason why so many people favour GHDs over the rest. There are very few other brands who get the job done like GHDs, and the hairstyles you can create with them are endless, making them some of the most versatile straighteners for every hair length. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some of our favourite ways to use them to change your hairstyle, creating a fabulous look however long your hair is.

Hairstyling salon guides - Best GHD style ideas for all lengths of hairShort GHD Hairstyles

Far from being stuck with a limited choice when your hair is shorter, there are plenty of ways to switch between styles, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. If you’ve got longer tresses on top with cropped sides, use GHDs to create some messy, soft waves throughout the lengths to add some texture. This is a great idea when you have a pixie cut, working some soft styling wax through the lengths to maintain the movement. If you’ve got shorter lengths on top, why not create an edgy, rock style by straightening your tresses for a spiky look.

Shoulder Length GHD Hairstyles

We all love a bob haircut, but there are plenty of ways to use GHDs to shake up your look. Many think that shoulder length locks need to be straightened, but there are plenty of curly and wavy styles which look beautiful on this length of hair. Tighter curls around the lengths can create stunning retro hair vibes, while you can add more volume using your GHDs to add some bouncy waves or a blow dry for a sultry finish. If you want to switch up your straight bob, why not sleek your hair back at the front using some high-quality hairspray for a slick style.

Mid Length GHD Hairstyles

For those with tresses that fall just past the shoulder, there are so many ways to create gorgeous looks that everyone will envy. Why not try an updo such as a bun, but leave some hair at the front loose. This length of hair is ideal to create some soft waves to complement the entire look. You can also use your GHDs to create a textured ponytail. Simply style your hair while loose and then pin back in a low ponytail. For a classic style, use GHDs in the traditional method to create a straight, blunt style that never goes out of fashion.

Long GHD Hairstyles

One of the downsides of long hair is that when it starts to get in the way or you’re in the middle of Winter weather, you just want to tie it back and forget about it. Why not try a side ponytail for a more casual look, using your GHDs to create some waves. This way, you can still see the style from the front. You can also achieve a low maintenance day look with a top knot to keep some of your locks out of your face while straightening or curling the loose lengths to create a defined look. For the perfect ‘night out’ look, you could add some Hollywood glam with high volume waves throughout.

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