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Summer hair colour guides: the hottest shades this season | House of Klamer

What Are the Hottest Hair Colour Shades for Summer?

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It’s that time of year again. We’re all preparing for a little more sunshine (if we’re lucky!) and dreaming of cocktails by the pool. However, for those who want a new look for the Summer, it can be hard to find inspiration or spot a trend which not only suits your hair but is on-point and looks amazing. Luckily, our expert hair colour guide is here to help.

Here are some of the season’s hottest hair colour shades to give you that Summer look you’ve been craving. Read More

Hair colour trends this Spring - Your guide to blackberry balayage hair

Everything You Need to Know about Spring’s Hottest Hair Colour – Blackberry!

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Pinterest is a great place for finding ideas for your hair colour, as well as the newest trends and which shades are on-point. While Spring often brings about a flurry of pastel colours and sun-kissed highlights, this year we’ve seen a more vibrant offering that’s been going down a storm…blackberry. This is one of the year’s hottest hair trends with reports suggesting saves for this colour have risen by 355% since January!

But why has this unexpected berry-inspired colour made such an impact?

Here are the reasons why we’re loving this gorgeous dark look for our clients. Read More

What is root stretching and why do you need it?

What is root stretching and why do you need it?

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We’re big fans of new colouring techniques here at the House of Klamer. If there’s a fresh new method for us to play with, we’re all over it. That’s why we’ve been super-happy bunnies this past month or so – because we have an awesome new colouring service to share with you! It’s a technique called root stretching and it’s probably our favourite thing at the moment. Think effortlessly cool, no-stress, beautifully natural balayage that blends out the natural root colour to create a gorgeous gradient style. It’s amazing because it’s all about loving your roots (something few of us are familiar with)! Let us tell you all about it. Read More

Has the frequent colour changing of your hair caused damage?

Have frequent colour changes damaged your hair?

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We love it when people experiment with their colour. Sometimes we have clients who seem to have a different colour every time they come into the salon – whether they’re going for styles that offer funky colours, like rainbow hair, or more natural tones, like balayage. Sadly, there’s a bit of work that comes with constantly changing your hair colour (we know, nature is such a party pooper). If you’re not careful, you can end up with damaged, lacklustre hair instead of vibrant, glossy locks. Thankfully, our stylists are on hand to make sure your hair gets the TLC it needs – whether you’re done with colouring or are still very much on it! Read More

Make sure you have the right hair products at all times

Hair style tips & trends – how to get beautifully styled, healthy hair

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When you walk down the haircare aisle in your local cosmetics shop, it can sometimes seem like there is an endless array of products available, each of which claims to be essential for beautifully styled and healthy hair. While a well-stocked bathroom with the latest haircare products is great, it is important to have the basics in place first. With this in mind, we have come up with the five items that are essential to strong, healthy and beautifully glossy hair.

Shampoo that suits your hair type

Many consumers see shampoo as one of the most basic items in a daily haircare routine. But if not used properly it can actually be a big cause of damage. That’s why it is important that you find a shampoo that’s suited to your hair type (fine, thick, greasy, dry, etc.) and that you follow advice on how often you should be washing it. Your hair will not necessarily need to be washed every day – sometimes a soap-free rinse or a touch of conditioner is enough. Read More

Rainbow hair colour styling in Beaconsfield

Essential hair colour guide – hidden rainbow hair to suit your skin tone

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We’re not ready to leave the colours and sparkles of festival season behind us just yet, so, instead, we’re going to keep talking about cute, quirky festival hairstyles that continue to make us smile. We’ve already blogged about mermaid hair, and now we want to chat about a hairstyle that we think is truly magical and utterly inspired – hidden rainbow hair. Pics of the ‘plain on top but fairylike underneath’ style were all over our Instagram last year, and we’re still obsessed with it. Vibrant rainbow colours are applied to layers of hair that are usually hidden when the hair is worn down, so that, when you have work or need to keep the colours hidden, your hair looks its normal colour. Then you tie it up and it’s party time! Read More

How often do you wash your hair?

How often should you wash your hair?

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We all know someone who has perfectly glossy, clean hair that falls lusciously onto their shoulders, but who, when asked how often they wash their hair, says ‘Oh, about once a week’. ‘How can that be so?’ we ponder, as we think about how greasy our hair gets after just one day of not being washed. The truth is that there really is no golden rule about how often you should lather up: it fully depends on your own hair, and what products you use on it. So, with that in mind, here are a few tips on knowing how long to go between washes. Read More

Beautiful mermaid hair styles are now a thing!

How to wear beautiful mermaid hair

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From Aquamarine to Disney’s Ariel, most young girls can admit to having dreamt of sprouting their own scaly tail and sporting a purple-shell bra. However, while we can’t all live under the sea, the House of Klamer can help with creating cool, on-trend mermaid hair looks that your childhood self would be proud of. Heading to a festival this summer? Stand out from the crowd with one of our favourite just-out-of-the-sea hairstyles. Read More

Keep coloured hair healthy for longer with our Beaconsfield salon

Five tips for keeping your new hair colour vibrant

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We all love the feeling of walking out the salon after having our hair dyed. The colour is bold, bright and rich, with no sign of troublesome roots (unless, of course, that’s the look we’re going for!). Whether you’ve stuck with a gorgeous natural look or opted for a completely new colour (such as platinum blonde with a hint of lavender), taking good care of your hair is essential to keeping the colour vibrant. So, with this in mind, here are five tips for maintaining your newly-coloured hair so that it looks beautiful and healthy. Read More

Ready to go platinum? Platinum hair colour in Beaconsfield

Going platinum without the damage

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We probably all know someone who has had platinum blonde hair at some point in their life. Maybe it was you! From rockstars who have added a pastel tint to the tips of their new white locks to A-listers whose hair is like strands of silver, there is something effortlessly cool about going platinum. Often, though, people rush into going platinum with a self-dye pack of bleach and end up damaging their hair. Whatever look you’re going for, getting your hair professionally dyed is always the best option, as your hairdresser knows exactly what products to use for the best results, and can help you keep your hair in good condition.

With this in mind, here are some tips on going platinum blonde without damaging your hair. Read More