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We’re big fans of new colouring techniques here at the House of Klamer. If there’s a fresh new method for us to play with, we’re all over it. That’s why we’ve been super-happy bunnies this past month or so – because we have an awesome new colouring service to share with you! It’s a technique called root stretching and it’s probably our favourite thing at the moment. Think effortlessly cool, no-stress, beautifully natural balayage that blends out the natural root colour to create a gorgeous gradient style. It’s amazing because it’s all about loving your roots (something few of us are familiar with)! Let us tell you all about it.

What is root stretching and why do you need it?How we stretch your roots

Here’s a quick, simplified explanation of how root stretching works. Basically, we apply a permanent or quasi-permanent colour to your roots, as we would if we were touching up your roots. Then, we weave out sections of your hair so that the colour blends down the strands. We stop at about a quarter or halfway down your hair to give you a lovely, natural, blended colour. By stretching your roots in this way, your colour looks beautiful for ages, as there is no horrible regrowth line to ruin the illusion. As with all our balayage and ombré hair services, we paint the colour on by hand so that it looks natural and blended.

So, why do you need it?

Root stretching is the dream balayage technique for ladies who want minimal fuss and maintenance but still love having beautiful locks. Rather than having to get your roots touched up all the time, you embrace your roots and build your style around them (the phrase ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ comes to mind!). It’s super-easy to maintain and looks amazing even if you don’t have time to style it – basically, you take care of being kind to your hair (including booking yourself in for regular trims) and your hair will do the rest.

It doesn’t matter what your style is, as root stretching is incredibly versatile. Whether you’re busy at work, chilling at home, relaxing with friends or going out on the town, stretched roots work for all looks. It’s all about working with your existing hair colour and enhancing it.

We’d love to stretch your roots! If you want to give this beautiful new balayage technique a try, contact us at the House of Klamer today. We can’t wait – you’re going to look amazing.

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