It’s that time of year again. We’re all preparing for a little more sunshine (if we’re lucky!) and dreaming of cocktails by the pool. However, for those who want a new look for the Summer, it can be hard to find inspiration or spot a trend which not only suits your hair but is on-point and looks amazing. Luckily, our expert hair colour guide is here to help.

Here are some of the season’s hottest hair colour shades to give you that Summer look you’ve been craving.Summer hair colour guides: the hottest shades this season | House of Klamer

Golden Locks

In the warmer months, we see a lot of blonde shades emerging from striking platinum to honey blonde. This year’s Summer hair is set to be dominated by natural looking, golden tones and buttery blonde highlights. These creamy hues produce a brightening lift, ensuring you look like you’ve walked straight off the beach, complementing any tan. Such shades are the perfect accompaniment to your holiday selfies or for those going for a bohemian vibe.

Warmer Tones

It’s not just highlights which are back this Summer. Warmer tones are rising in popularity, giving brunettes cause to celebrate and compete with the sun-kissed highlights we see so often. Vibrant offerings such as blackberry hair remain one of the surprise hair colour hits of the year while we’re starting to see cacao balayage bring a chocolate brown twist to the season. Just as cool tones can create a contrast with your skin tone, deeper shades provide a golden warmth to your complexion, leaving you with a radiant glow.

Pastel Shades

With every Spring and Summer, there’s often a rise in pastel hair shades, and this year is no exception. Popular colours include lilac, rosé and powder pink, which can all provide a versatile, softer look to give effortless vibes for a chilled out season.

Rose Brown Balayage

Rose brown is the latest trend whipping up a frenzy on social media in recent months, creating epic hair which looks amazing on everyone, ensuring it’s more inclusive than other rose gold trends we’ve seen this year. This hair dye look weaves its tones through your tresses with ever-popular balayage techniques, using pink and caramel highlights to create a shimmering appearance against brunette hair.

Copper & Coral

Bright copper and coral tones not only look beautiful, but they create a look which provides warmth to your locks. Perfect for redheads, coral tones are ideal for those who want to switch it up a little this season. Bolder looks can also look surprisingly natural due to the lighter undertones of copper.

Here at The House of Klamer, we love experimenting with hair colour, understanding how to create looks which leave our clients feeling and looking incredible. If you’d like a new hair colour for the Summer, book an appointment at our Beaconsfield salon to speak to an expert stylist.

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