Pinterest is a great place for finding ideas for your hair colour, as well as the newest trends and which shades are on-point. While Spring often brings about a flurry of pastel colours and sun-kissed highlights, this year we’ve seen a more vibrant offering that’s been going down a storm…blackberry. This is one of the year’s hottest hair trends with reports suggesting saves for this colour have risen by 355% since January!

But why has this unexpected berry-inspired colour made such an impact?

Here are the reasons why we’re loving this gorgeous dark look for our clients.

Hair colour trends this Spring - Your guide to blackberry balayage hairDeep, Rich Hues

We love it when our clients tear up the rule book and want something that’s a little different. Blackberry hair has certainly done that, achieving gorgeous deep tones that also look spectacularly cool. Custom mixes allow for the ideal shade to be created, including purple, blue and burgundy tones to add warmth to your natural hair colour.

For the Love of Balayage

You may have heard us shout about it once or twice…but we adore balayage hair, and it seems we’re not alone, with these stunning highlights set to stick around for good. The blackberry balayage look can be created by a number of bespoke techniques, often concentrating on adding the highlights to the mid-length and ends of the hair. It’s easy to choose the look you want by discussing your ideas with your stylist, and with no strict root line, this hair colour looks effortless!

Something for the Brunettes

Sorry blondes, but this one’s for those who enjoy the darker side of life. With Spring and Summer often being dominated by fairer hair colours, it’s refreshing to see a trend which is perfect for those who prefer warmer hair shades. Tinges of sultry blackberry look best on those with dark brown and black hair. Work with your hair stylist to choose the right shades, achieving a fusion of colours for the best multi-tonal effect.

Caring for Your Blackberry Hair

Since this hair colour is created using balayage techniques, it’s pretty low maintenance, growing out beautifully and often fading into slightly lighter shades of purple. If you want to keep the colour as vibrant as possible, avoid shampoos and conditioners containing sulphates which contribute towards faster fading. It’s always worth speaking to your hairdresser about the products they offer as they’ll usually have ones which can add colour protection to your hair.

With the Summer months upon us, why not reflect this in your hair colour with warmer shades coming through rather than the traditional blonde highlights we’re used to seeing. We’re all about change this year and stepping away from the crowd, and this is the perfect hair for doing just that.

Get the Look

If you’d like to become the proud owner of this year’s hottest hair colour, get in touch with The House of Klamer. Our amazing range of Goldwell hair colours are ammonia-free, leaving hair looking healthy and shiny!

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