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The Beginner’s Guide to LVL Lash Lift Treatments

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As well as lash tinting, we all know how longer lashes can enhance the look of your eyes, so it’s no surprise it’s a hot topic in the beauty world. One of the most popular lash treatments of recent times is LVL, which stands for ‘length, volume, lift’, hitting lashes with a triple-threat of benefits for 6 to 8 weeks. But what are LVL lash lift treatments and why do they produce more natural-looking results? Here’s everything you need to know. Read More

Beauty treatment guides - How to give your skincare routine an overhaul

Give Your Skincare Routine an Overhaul for 2020

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It’s at this time of year our skin starts to suffer the effects of the season, so thinking about giving your skincare routine an overhaul as part of your New Year plan is a smart idea. We’ve had to contend with harsh weather and temperature changes (freezing outside while the heating is on indoors), tonnes of party makeup and festive beverages dehydrating our skin. So how can you get things back on track? Follow our top tips. Read More

Nail colour experts - the best autumn nail colours & stylish shades

Everything You Need to Know about the Best Autumn Nail Colours

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Now that long summer days are coming to an end, not only are we thinking about unleashing our Autumn wardrobes and rocking a ponytail, but giving our nails a much-needed makeover. Why not treat yourself to a manicure and choose a new nail colour for the upcoming season. Autumn’s a time when you don’t want to repeat the bright shades you’ve worn all summer, but equally, you don’t fancy dipping into festive tones anytime soon either. Luckily, there are plenty of colours which you’re going to fall in love with, while helping you indulge in some of your favourite things about autumn (hello hot chocolate!).

Here are some ideas to help you select the best autumn nail colours. Read More

Shellac nail experts - Easy guide to removing gels without damaging nails

Our Easy Guide to Removing Gels without Damaging Your Nails

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There’s nothing better than indulging in a few beauty treatments, whether it’s a facial or a manicure. If you’re a fan of CND Shellac nails, there are endless gorgeous colours available for any season or occasion, giving your nails a glossy shine with flawless, longer-lasting results. It’s the perfect way to banish the hassle of topping up your average nail varnishes after they start to chip. However, when it comes to removing your gel nails, there are few important tips to follow to avoid damaging your nails. Read More

Give your nails a makeover this season with a range of nail care services. Find out more about manicures, pedicures, CND shellac nails, spring colours, matching hair colours & removing gels without damaging your nails.

Top Ways to Spring Clean…Your Nails!

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It’s that time of year again when we start to get glimpses of sunshine and feel the spring vibes, lifting our moods and remembering what we love about this time of year. When making our spring cleaning plans, it isn’t just our homes that need a good makeover, but our nails too. Harsh winter weather and a lack of motivation (January and February blues, we’re looking at you!) have left many of us in major need of a nail care overhaul. Here’s how to get your nails back on top form. Read More

CACI facelifts - the simple guide to this non-surgical facial treatment

The Non-surgical Facelift Celebrities Are Going Mad For

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When you think of facelifts, it can conjure up images of a tightly bandaged face having gone under the knife. However, beauty treatments have advanced so that there are more options now than ever before. This includes CACI non-surgical facelifts which have been going down a treat for their age-defying and visible results. For anyone considering new ways to tackle their wrinkles, this is a great alternative to surgery.

But what do they involve, and why are they so popular? Here’s our simple guide to the treatment. Read More