There’s nothing better than indulging in a few beauty treatments, whether it’s a facial or a manicure. If you’re a fan of CND Shellac nails, there are endless gorgeous colours available for any season or occasion, giving your nails a glossy shine with flawless, longer-lasting results. It’s the perfect way to banish the hassle of topping up your average nail varnishes after they start to chip. However, when it comes to removing your gel nails, there are few important tips to follow to avoid damaging your nails.

Shellac nail experts - Easy guide to removing gels without damaging nails

When Is It Time to Remove Gels?

The best thing about many nail gels and CND Shellac is that they last so much longer than normal nail polishes thanks to the UV light used after application, creating a harder, durable finish. Whereas nail polishes usually chip within days, Shellac nails usually last for up to 14 days or even longer. You’ll know it’s time to remove them if they start to peel or if you’ve noticed your nails have started to grow out. When it’s time to remove your Shellac nails, it’s essential to use the right techniques or risk damaging your nails.

Professional Removal Techniques

While many attempt DIY gel removals, you can also book yourself a professional gel polish removal. It’s a great way to ensure the right techniques are used, look after your nails and even choose your next nail colour. What’s more, it can save you time and money. This is because many people who damage their nails end up paying more for manicures anyway to restore their nail health.

What Happens During a Gel Removal?

Soak Off

One of the best things about CND Shellac is they’ve considered easy, damage-free removal methods when designing their products. They provide foil remover wraps which are soaked in a hydrating removal solution. This means the Shellac colour can be removed quickly and easily. After the recommended length of time (which can vary depending on the type of coating you chose), your nail technician will use firm pressure to gently slide off the product, without scraping your nails.

Cut & File

It’s then a great idea for your nails to be professionally cut and filed, stopping them from splitting or breaking and ensuring they remain as strong as possible.


It’s also important to ensure your nails are conditioned after using a Shellac treatment. Again, CND provides the perfect product for this. Their Solaroil cuticle oil is packed full of vitamin E and jojoba oil, adding some much-needed nutrients and hydration back to your nails.

Book a CNC Shellac Removal

If you’d like to book a gel removal, get in touch with the House of Klamer. Our beauty experts offer a wide range of CND Shellac services, including for hands, feet and gel removals. We use professional techniques to protect your nails and leave them looking healthy. Contact us now to book your appointment.

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