It’s at this time of year our skin starts to suffer the effects of the season, so thinking about giving your skincare routine an overhaul as part of your New Year plan is a smart idea. We’ve had to contend with harsh weather and temperature changes (freezing outside while the heating is on indoors), tonnes of party makeup and festive beverages dehydrating our skin. So how can you get things back on track? Follow our top tips.

Beauty treatment guides - How to give your skincare routine an overhaulIdentify Your Skin Type

We all want a glowing complexion with a smooth, velvety texture that screams ‘great skin’. However, we’re all different, so we can be affected by the weather, our stress levels, genetics, our diet, hormone changes, medication and the products we use. The key is to identify the type of skin you have and its current health. The four main types are normal (well-balanced, healthy skin), dry, oily and combination skin (a mixture of dry skin with an oily T-zone). This will help you find the best ways to move forward and always ensure you pick products suitable for you. You may also have sensitive skin, which is quite delicate, so you need to be careful about the skincare products and techniques you use.

Don’t Forget about the Basics

Sometimes we have a tendency to overthink our skincare routines and forget the basics. If your daily regime of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising has fallen to the wayside in recent months (especially during the festive season), start here. So if you’ve been leaving makeup on overnight, skipping moisturiser or your makeup brushes haven’t been cleaned for months, it’s time to nail the basics and give your skin a chance to improve. Choose products which match your skin type to help reduce issues you’re experiencing, whether it’s enlarged pores, rough patches or blemishes. Make sure you do the right things morning and night.

What’s New in Skincare? – Change Your Tired Routine

While a solid skincare regime each day and night is essential to its well-being, don’t forget to check out the new trends and products emerging throughout 2020. For example, face preparation is growing in popularity, helping to reduce problems caused by everything we put our skin through during the day. Methods include sheet masks, facial massage and under-eye masks. This can help with day to day issues, such as puffiness, dirt build-ups and dehydration. The aim is to perform a deep cleanse and increase blood circulation for a fresh-faced look. Other trends to look out for include innovative K-beauty products (from South Korea), the rise of natural skin looks and personalised skincare systems.

Professional Skincare Treatments

You don’t just have to manage your skincare routine on your own. At the House of Klamer, our expert beauty therapists offer a range of CACI treatments, which they can tailor to the needs of each client. This includes bespoke treatments which can tackle anything from wrinkles and fine lines to exfoliation techniques.

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