Now that long summer days are coming to an end, not only are we thinking about unleashing our Autumn wardrobes and rocking a ponytail, but giving our nails a much-needed makeover. Why not treat yourself to a manicure and choose a new nail colour for the upcoming season. Autumn’s a time when you don’t want to repeat the bright shades you’ve worn all summer, but equally, you don’t fancy dipping into festive tones anytime soon either. Luckily, there are plenty of colours which you’re going to fall in love with, while helping you indulge in some of your favourite things about autumn (hello hot chocolate!).

Here are some ideas to help you select the best autumn nail colours.Nail colour experts - the best autumn nail colours & stylish shades

Deeper Shades of Your Favourites

Take a look at some of the colours you’ve been sporting during the spring and summer months. I’ve you’ve fallen in love with a particular polish, don’t despair. A great idea is to switch to a deeper shade, so if you’ve been wearing rouge, change this to a deeper ruby red. Or if a striking blue has been your go-to polish, opt for a navy instead.

Stay On Trend

With a new season comes new trends, and autumn is no different. There are some incredible autumn nail colours we’ve seen rising through the ranks recently, and this includes plum, blue-grey, asphalt, pastel yellow and coffee brown. However, for something a bit different, dark forest green is excellent for adding a bit more colour and excitement into your nails. We’ve also seen some beautiful vintage shades coming back, including mauve pink.

Go Nude

Nude shades are some of our favourites. It’s a tone which goes with everything, looks natural and is easy to maintain. Far from being boring, there are lots of gorgeous twists on your regular nude shades, including bronze tints, milk chocolate, salmon, light peach and almond colours.

Add Some Glitter & Shine

If you’re missing the vibrancy of your summer nail palette, find some top coat ideas to bring some sparkle back into the season. This includes glitter polishes which can go on top of your existing nail colour. If you don’t fancy adding a top coat, metallic nail colours are great for adding some shimmer to your nails, including grey-silver, bronze and rose blush tones.

Match Your Autumn Wardrobe

Look at what you’ll be wearing this autumn to find a nail colour to match your style. Some of our favourite wardrobe pieces this season include jeans, boots, scarfs and jumpers. What shades can you see on your rails? Browns, nudes, creams, beige, oranges and caramels are some of our favourite autumn colours, so find the ideal polish to bring out those tones.

Ready to switch up your nail colour?

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