It’s that time of year again when we start to get glimpses of sunshine and feel the spring vibes, lifting our moods and remembering what we love about this time of year. When making our spring cleaning plans, it isn’t just our homes that need a good makeover, but our nails too. Harsh winter weather and a lack of motivation (January and February blues, we’re looking at you!) have left many of us in major need of a nail care overhaul. Here’s how to get your nails back on top form.

Give your nails a makeover this season with a range of nail care services. Find out more about manicures, pedicures, CND shellac nails, spring colours, matching hair colours & removing gels without damaging your nails.Shellac Heaven

There’s nothing worse than doing a DIY nail colour at home, only for it to chip within days or even hours. That’s why so many choose shellac nails, and one of the world’s leading brands is CND. Not only do they have dozens of designer shades to choose from but their gel polishes help your nails stay in pristine condition for over 14 days. This is thanks to their high-performance formula which leaves a crystal clear shine and hard wearing results which won’t chip or flake where normal nail polishes would break down more easily. This type of shellac colour requires zero drying time, using ProLight technology to ensure they’re as durable as possible.

Gel Removals

It’s not just hair which sometimes needs some colour correction. If you’re still rocking those winter shellac nails, why not book yourself a professional gel removal? Having an expert soak off your gels ensures you can protect your natural nails from any damage. They’ll even apply professional products to help condition your nails so that they remain strong and healthy.

Spring Colours

With flowers blooming around the nation, it reminds us how much we love spring colours, and this is something which you can think about when choosing your next nail colour. From hot pinks and bright oranges to patterned, multicolour nails, springtime opens up ideas when it comes to the perfect shade to pick. If you have any vibrant tones in your hair, you could even try matching your nail colours to this shade, whether that’s blackberry balayage or popular Summer hair colours.

Manicure Magic

It’s not just nails which suffer during the colder months but the rest of our hands and feet too. To truly spring clean your nails, book both a manicure and pedicure, giving yourself some pampering time to relax and your nails a much-needed boost. A beauty expert will know just how to give your nails a shot of goodness, from massaging moisturising lotions into your hands to cutting and filing your nails to perfection and into your desired shape. Don’t forget your feet when booking your nail care appointments. You can even ask for a purifying foot soak and scrub, hard skin removal and foot massage for the ultimate pedicure experience.

Ready to give your nails a makeover?

Here at the House of Klamer, we also provide popular nail salon services, including manicures, pedicures and CND shellac nails. Take a look at some of our amazing beauty treatments and get in touch to make an appointment.

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