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Looking for a hair salon in Buckinghamshire?

It can be a challenge to find a new hairdresser with several aspects to consider. This includes locating a salon which provides you with all the services you need, as well as feeling confident you’re in for a first class experience from start to finish.

Knowing a thing or two about the area and what our clients like, we’ve put together 5 top tips for narrowing down your options.

Hairdressers in Buckinghamshire - Top tips for finding the right salonTip 1: Do they have the range of services you want?

Everybody is different, so consider the type of hairstylist you’re specifically looking for and whether they seem like a good match for what you want. From a cut and blow-dry to asking for a new Summer hair colour or creating the perfect beach waves, search for a salon who can provide hairstyling for all occasions that you may need extra help with.

Tip 2: Can you expect an enjoyable experience?

You want to leave any salon appointment feeling amazing as well as looking great. A professional salon will have the website to match, providing an insight into what you can expect when you make an appointment. Do they seem friendly? Do they put an emphasis on customer service? They may even have a ‘meet the team’ page so that you can find out more about who works there, putting you at ease before your visit. You can even phone the salon and have a short chat about what they offer.

Tip 3: What are their customers saying?

If you’ve had any recommendations or want to see what customers are saying about potential salons on your radar, it’s easy to find reviews online. A quick peek at their Facebook page will hopefully reveal some 5-star reviews, but don’t forget other review sites too. Do their customers feel utterly pampered? Do they listen to their clients’ needs? Take note of recurring themes in the reviews.

Tip 4: Look at their social media & news pages

Businesses often have an online presence, especially when working in a creative and skilled arena such as hairstyling. Take a look at a salon’s Twitter page for hair ideas or their blog to see if they keep up with the latest trends. A passionate business will keep their finger on the pulse, sharing ideas and styles they love, as well as promoting anything from special offers to new products and services.

Tip 5: Do they cater for clients in the area?

One of the best things about finding the right salon in Buckinghamshire is not only identifying one near to where you live or work but also how they’re in tune in what’s on-trend in the local area. At the House of Klamer, for example, our clients love ‘the Beaconsfield bounce’, adding volume and movement to soft curls with our signature blow-dry.

Once you’ve found a salon and stylist who ticks all the boxes, give them a try.

Come and see us at our salon in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. We love meeting new clients and seeing how we can make you look and feel fabulous with our range of styling and colouring services. Book an appointment now.

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