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Women often feel like they have to straighten and flatten their hair, yet we all have beautiful differences in our natural hairstyles which should be celebrated for their merits. One of the trends we’ve started to see a rise of is celebrities going natural and letting their curls shine. From Rita Ora to Rochelle Humes, these influential women are creating fantastic role models for rocking what you’ve got and putting curly hair on the map again.

Whether you own a head of natural curls or have been inspired by some of the gorgeous styles sported recently, there are some great ways to achieve the perfect look. It can also help improve the health of your hair, restoring its shine and bounce.

Curly hair guides: how to care for your natural curls | The House of Klamer11How to Maintain Your Gorgeous Natural Curls

Here are our top tips for embracing your curls and how to care for them.

Be Picky with Shampoos

Avoid harsh shampoos by using products which have been created for curls, but won’t damage your hair. Choose a low-lather shampoo rather than foaming ones which disrupt the cuticles and dehydrate hair.

Cleanse from the Ends

When applying conditioner, it’s all about order, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots. A curl crème is ideal for this.

Don’t Neglect Your Scalp

Curly hair is often more delicate than straight locks with moisture having to navigate through the twists and turns of each hair strand. It also makes it easier for oil to build up on the scalp, so don’t just concentrate on the lengths of the hair.


It’s important to detangle while your hair is still wet, using products such as detangle spray and a special wet brush.

Forget the Towel Dry

If there’s one rule for avoiding the frizz, it’s keeping your hands off your hair while it’s drying. The rough fibres of the towel can cause your cuticles to open up. Micro-fibre towels or a cotton t-shirt can be used to absorb some of the moisture, but then leave your hair to air dry.

Ditch the Hairbrush

While you can detangle while wet, avoid brushing your hair once it’s dry or you’ll risk breaking up the strands to leave a frizzy mess. Use a wide-toothed comb if you need to detangle any ringlets.

Scrunch with Gel

Find a defining or styling gel that’s great for curls, as it can provide hold for a couple of days at a time. Avoid ingredients such as alcohol, sulphates and silicone if possible as they dry out hair.

Sleep on Luxury

Cotton pillowcases can play havoc with curls, with the friction leading to tangling chaos. Invest in some satin pillows as the smooth material helps leave those curls intact. The perfect excuse for some new bedding!


It’s important to find a hair care routine which works for you, so speak with your stylist for professional advice. They may even be able to recommend some great products for you to try.

If you’d like to have a curl transformation or want to speak to a stylist about maintaining your gorgeous ringlets, contact us now to book an appointment at The House of Klamer.


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