The best hairstyles for spring 2018

It’s only March, and we’re already seeing some awesome (and wacky!) hairstyles becoming trends for spring 2018. As always, there are some weird and wonderful looks making the rounds (somehow, Chanel has made it cool to use acrylic hair accessories, like plastic tubes over low ponytails), but there are also some stunners that we can’t wait to try with clients. So, without further ado, here are the hairstyles shaping up to be bang on trend this spring.

Spring 2018 hair styles: get the in-season look with our expert guideThe perm is back

If the word ‘perm’ makes you think of neon leggings, roller skates and Kylie’s do as Charlene in Neighbours circa 1980, then it’s time to give the word new meaning. Perms of all shapes and sizes are flying back into fashion, offering everything from effortlessly cool beach waves to stunning spiral ringlets. Perms are great for bringing life and intrigue to all different hair types, including thin, flat hair that needs a bit of ‘zjoosh’ – they’re the perfect summer look.

Balayage it up!

Balayage is a trend that hasn’t really gone away because it is all about making your hair look amazing in a really subtle, natural way. Of course, you can experiment with bolder styles like rainbow balayage, but usually it’s about introducing natural-looking lights and tones to your hair. The great thing about balayage is that the colour is applied to the ends of your hair, so you don’t have to worry about getting your roots done – a fabulous, effortless spring style.

Boyish fringes

We’ve seen super-short, blunt fringes try to creep into fashion in recent years, but they’ve never fully taken off. But, this spring, loads of celebrities are rocking these edgy, boyish fringes. Our favourite blunt-fringed star at the moment is Emma Watson, who unveiled her daring and beautiful new look at this year’s Golden Globes awards ceremony in January.

The humble scrunchie

In the past year or so, we’ve seen a number of ‘schoolgirl classics’ reinvent themselves. Last year it was the ribbon, this year it’s the scrunchie. The simple accessory adds a touch of charm to low ponytails, while maintaining the effortless appeal of the hairstyle. Whether you opt for a plain colour or a bold pattern, your scrunchie should be made from velvet or silk to give your casual look a luxurious finish. We’re going to go home and have a rummage tonight – we may still have a scrunchie or two lying around from back in the day!

So, there you have it: just some of the hairstyles that are making waves this spring. If you’d like to try one of them out in our salon, our stylists would be delighted to help! Contact us at the House of Klamer in Beaconsfield today to book a consultation with one of our stylists.

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