It can be frustrating when you feel your hair doesn’t look the way you want it to, whether you’re tackling hair extensions or trying to add some life to dry hair. One problem that many people experience is fine hair. While it’s easy to manage, for those who lack volume, their hair often feels a little flat. Luckily, there are lots of fuller-looking styles you can try to add that much-needed boost to your hair. Here are just some of them.

Lacking volume in your locks? Take a look at some of the best hairstyle ideas for fine hair. Includes angled bobs, tousled waves, curls, pixie cuts and layers in longer hair. Get advice from the hair expert in Beaconsfield.Bobs

Shorter styles often make hair appear thicker and add the volume you’re craving, so a bob is a great solution. Without the weight of longer locks weighing down the hair, there’s a certain ‘bounce’ which comes with this type of style. Bobs don’t have to be boring though, as there are plenty of options to achieve anything from a chic look to something more relaxed. One of the most popular bobs for fine hair is the angled bob, suiting any face shape. It doesn’t matter whether you want to wear it sleek and straight or tousled and wavy, this style gives fine hair the oomph it needs.


Using curls to your advantage is a great way to create some volume in fine hair, adding some waves for more texture. If your hair is naturally curly but also fine, you may need to consider how you’re maintaining its condition. Curly hair can sometimes become frizzy if you don’t use high quality products, so ask your hairdresser about some good brands they’d recommend. It’s important to use lightweight products which won’t weigh down your tresses.

Pixie Cuts

The trick to achieving voluminous hair is sometimes to add texture, giving the illusion of more depth in the hair. Messier, tousled cuts can be great for this, especially if you’re going for a textured pixie style with longer lengths up top.

Longer Cuts

While shorter styles like a pixie cut or bob can do wonders for fine hair, there are some great ideas for longer hair too. Adding more layers can sometimes help if they create more volume. However, you’ll need to speak to your stylist about some of the right ways to do this so that the layers don’t thin the hair out. It may be that some feathered layers are the best option for you, adding less weight to the hair for extra bounce. Or you could keep your hair one length, but add a little shape around the face. Short layers can also be added by a good stylist who knows how to add volume to the top of the hair.

Fed up of your fine hair?

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