Festivals are great fun over the spring and summer months, enjoying amazing music, socialising and letting your hair down. There are plenty of ways to create the perfect festival hair, rocking everything from flowers and glitter to braids and buns. But what happens when you get back home? Many people find their hair has been subjected to a variety of elements such as sweat, heat, mud, colour products and a lack of washing, brushing or general maintenance, leaving their locks in desperate need of some TLC. Here are some of the best ways to repair your post festival hair and get it back on track.

Need a post festival hair rescue mission? Top tips to getting your festival hair back on track. Includes preparing before you go, removing product build-up & fixing dry, frizzy hair. Free advice from expert hairstylists.

Before You Go

If you’re being super organised and looking at haircare tips before you go, it’s going to make things easier after you get back from the festival. While it can be hard to maintain good hair maintenance practices while living out of a tent and having fun, there are some simple things you can do which don’t take a lot of time or effort. This includes avoiding too many products during your stay, keeping your hair in a low maintenance style and using dry shampoo to keep dirt at bay. You could even give your hair one last deep conditioning hair treatment before you go, to give it a shot of goodness to last the weekend.

Removing Stubborn Products

While we wouldn’t recommend using products during the festival such as mousse and hairspray (especially if you won’t be washing your hair), things like dry shampoo are going to cause a build-up in your locks. It’s important to use a good shampoo after you return home to combat this. You may also need to remove products such as glitter or temporary hair colours, so use a clarifying, deep conditioning shampoo, getting rid of any last, stubborn traces.

Fixing the Frizz

Festivals are often held during some of the hottest, most humid months of the year, leaving you with a frizzy hair nightmare to deal with. Dry hair is also something many people experience after attending a festival, leaving it feeling rather coarse and in much need of a hydration shot. Using oils, replenishing masks or even going to your salon for a fresh cut or hydrating treatment can all help. A deep conditioning hair repair mask should help with frizz, tangles and knots, so use a wide-toothed come or detangle brush to work the product through to the ends. This type of treatment can come in handy if your hair has become matted during your stay.

Get your hair back to looking its best with a professional hair treatment and cut at the House of Klamer. We’re used to dealing with all hair types and conditions, so if you’d like to book yourself in for a post-festival rescue session, get in touch with our team in Beaconsfield. Call now on 01494 671 771 to speak to us about the haircare treatments we offer.

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