One of the best things about the Summer is the music festival season finally getting into full swing, giving us the chance to let our hair down (literally) and have some fun. While festivals are famous for their relaxed vibe when it comes to appearances, there are still plenty of ways to rock your hairstyle whether you have a day pass or are camping overnight.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ideas we’ve seen for 2018 music festival hair.Festival hair ideas 2018 - the ultimate guide | The House of Klamer

All Things Glitter

Is that the shimmer of lights we see sparkling in your hair? Glitter hair is brightening up the festival season, whipping up a frenzy at early festivals such as Coachella in the US. It’s a great way to achieve rainbow hair without having to opt for a drastic change with plenty of temporary options available.

Braids & Waves

Love fishtail braids? Craving the boho look? Combine the two for an effortless yet gorgeous look which gives you relaxed beach hair while keeping the wisps away from your face – perfect when dancing the night away to your favourite band. Adding in tiny braids subtly throughout the waves adds texture to this unique twist on two popular Summer hair trends. However, if you’re looking for something a little more conventional, tight double Dutch braids are a no-fuss choice if you want a low maintenance option for the entire event.

Kiss from a Rose

While you’re bound to see a sea of pastel hair colours on show this season, pink and rose are growing in popularity among those with fair hair, looking particularly striking when paired with platinum blonde shades. The balayage look provides fresh-looking tones throughout the blonde locks, while you can also go for an all-over pastel colour if you’re feeling bold.

Flower Power

While last year’s festival season was dominated by flower crowns (and we don’t just mean on Snapchat!), small floral pins and ties look great when combined with a crown braid or up-do, creating a pretty look which also helps keep your hair in place.

50/50 Hair

The ‘half up, half down’ look has been trending on the catwalk this year, and this is also a great style for the festival season. Stop windswept hair in its tracks by sweeping the upper half of your hair into a braid or ponytail, while leaving the rest of your locks flowing to look a little more casual.

Twisted Topknot

For a low-key look that also looks really cute, a topknot created by twisting the hair tightly is a great way to keep all your tresses away from your face. Bringing an edgier vibe than a messy bun, this cool hairstyle can last for the entire festival if you secure it well.

Getting the Look

Here at The House of Klamer, we love working with our clients if they have an event to go to and want to achieve a particular style. From beach waves to ‘hair up’ looks, our hair styling services, alongside our amazing range of Goldwell hair colours can help you achieve festival hair which is truly inspired.

Contact us now to speak to a stylist about your ideas.

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