We all know how anything from the weather to genetics can play a part in our good and bad hair days, but what do you do if your hair is started to become a little dry? Here are some of our tips and tricks to getting your dry hair back on track, adding some much needed moisture to your locks.

Find out how to add some moisture & hydration back to your locks. Includes Argan oil for hair, intense replenishing masks from top brands & booking regular hair trims. Stop hair from becoming coarse & reduce your split ends.What Causes Dry Hair?

Dry hair is a nightmare for many people, and it can affect not only how healthy your hair looks but how it feels too. It can also make hair more difficult to style in the way you want and strands can break more easily. There can be a number of factors at play when hair becomes dry. These include extreme temperatures, medication and how you’ve been treating your hair – such as hair colouring and using heat styling tools without adequately protecting your hair first.


Oils offer some really natural ways to moisturise your hair and scalp, reduce itching and the brittle nature of dry hair. While coconut oil is a tried and tested favourite for many, argan oil is fast becoming one of the most popular go-to oils for dry hair. Packed with vitamin E and antioxidants, it’s an oil which can boost hair cell growth to help it grow thicker and stronger.

Replenishing Masks

Conditioning hair masks are one of the best ways to restore hydration to your tresses. While there are some great overnight ones, brands such as 72 Hair produce amazing products which can be left in wet, shampooed hair for 10 to 15 minutes before washing out. Once of our favourites is their Intense Replenishing Mask which was one of the winners in the 2018 hair awards. Masks like this one are an intensive treatment for stressed locks, helping to manage frizzy, dry hair if used about once a week.

Regular Cuts

We all know that regular trims are something our hairdressers promote, but can this help with dryness? Yes! The reason to book in your regular trims if you’re prone to dry hair is to remove any split ends. This will reduce the coarse ends, hair breakages and encourage healthier growth where the hair is starting to thin. While some worry about growing their hair longer if they get too many trims, leaving your hair to become dry can actually slow down the process if split ends work their way up to the roots and start to break. Speak to your stylist about ways to help you grow long, healthier looking hair.

Hydrate Your Hair

If your hair is feeling dry, come and see us at the House of Klamer in Beaconsfield. As well as our expert hairstyling services, we also provide a range of professional hair treatments specifically to improve hair hydration. We look after all hair types at our salon, tailoring treatments to your requirements. Contact us now to book your appointment.

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