To fringe or not to fringe?

By 8th January 2017 Beaconsfield, Hair Styles

Growing a fringe requires dedicationThe dilemma

When it comes to the mantra of ‘new year, new style’ nothing demands attention more than a cheekbone-defining and volumising fringe. And, besides, when the likes of Alexa Chung, Emma Stone and Kate Moss wear theirs with such effortless cool, it’s no surprise that we all want in.

Generally, there are three types of fringe to choose from: the side fringe, the brow-skimming fringe (which can be styled either full or soft) and the statement-short bangs. So whether you’re looking to make a statement, hide those pesky fine lines or simply fancy a change of look, there is a fringe for you.

However, a word of warning – deciding to get a fringe is a big commitment. But, with the right stylist and consideration, we think it can really transform your look for the better. Here, we guide you through a few pointers to consider before making the cut.

Your lifestyle

Despite a multitude of celebrities convincing us otherwise, a fringe is not a wash-and-go look. Styling a fringe takes time, patience and potentially some straighteners. Do you have time in the morning to spend those extra minutes on your hair? Also worth considering is whether you play sport, and whether you would be willing to wear a cute headband to avoid it getting in your way.

Remember, though, that a great fringe can also define your look, whatever your lifestyle. For us, we just love how a fringe can take you from tousled bed-head to rock and roll-ready with just a sweep of eyeliner.

Your face shape

The truth of the matter is, what looks fabulous on Jennifer Lawrence might not look so flattering on you. This isn’t because you are any less beautiful, but simply because we are all gifted with different face shapes. While those with a long face should avoid heavy styles and go for a more sweeping look, those with slightly rounder faces should opt for a blunter style. Not sure of your face shape? Pull back your hair, stand in front of the mirror and gently trace the outline of your face in the mirror (we recommend chalk, lipstick or soap). What do you see?

Your perseverance

Fringes have to be trimmed regularly. With hair growing as much as half an inch a month, it’s recommended that you visit your hair dresser every four weeks or so to keep yours looking perfect and at its optimum length. Having a fringe too long can completely change your look, as not only is it always on display, but it’s also a focal point.

The verdict

At the end of the day, we reckon it’s worth the plunge! You could even take your ‘new you’ one step further, adding colour to your bangs for extra texture, fullness and, of course, compliments.

Get in touch with our friendly House of Klamer South Bucks team today and see how a fringe could frame your face this New Year.

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