While the new year is often the time for thinking about indulging in a hair change, we also see some clients asking for a colour correction. This can be for a variety of reasons, but rest assured, there are solutions available! Here are some of the most common reasons colour correction services are requested and what can be done to help you feel fabulous once again.

Had a hair colour disaster or unhappy with your current shade? Take a look at our colour correction advice for DIY dyes, yellow hair, changes in heart & more. Speak to an expert stylist about hair colour correction now.Rash Hair Decisions

Sometimes we have an idea in our head for our hair, but in reality, it just doesn’t feel like ‘us’. If you’re trying out a new colour, always give it some time to get used to it. However, if you’re really not sure, a colour correction may be your best option. The perfect solution is to book an appointment to speak to a stylist about the best process for achieving the look you want. It may just take one colour correction session, or you may have to undergo several sittings depending on factors such as your hair condition, the desired colour and your existing shade. It can often take longer when lightening the hair again rather than going darker.

DIY Fails

One of the most common reasons for a hair dye disaster is when clients colour their own hair at home. This could be for a variety of reasons, including a bright colour for a specific event or even trying out a new look. As much as a bottle dye can seem like the easier and cheaper option at the time, people underestimate the skill that goes into professional hair colouring. This includes ensuring your roots match the rest of your hair and the colour blends nicely through the lengths. You may have found your hair is looking a little one dimensional, or it’s screaming out for some subtle balayage. Be honest with your hairdresser about the products you’ve used and ask them to help you get the look you want.

Blonde Disasters

When bleaching our tresses, we imagine golden locks, sun-kissed highlights, ashy shades and cool, icy tones…but not yellow. Good hairstylists will always recommend the right products to use on your hair after going blonde, so can also provide great solutions if your hair is starting to look a little too ‘sunshine’ in colour. Purple sits opposite yellow when it comes to the hair colour spectrum, so speak to a stylist who can recommend some great purple toning shampoos and conditioners to correct your hair tone.

Do You Need Colour Correction Services?

Here at the House of Klamer salon in Beaconsfield, we put you at ease from the moment you get in touch, so if you’ve had a hair dye disaster, don’t panic! We offer an extensive range of professional hair colour services using some of the best products in the industry. If you’re feeling unhappy with your hair or have had a DIY disaster, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just call us on 01494 671 771 to speak to an expert stylist.

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