A far cry from the days of poor quality clip-ons, hair extensions are now more realistic than ever, transforming hairstyles, whatever the desired look. However, caring for your hair extensions is a must to maintain their condition, so follow our handy guide to doing just that.


One of the secrets to keeping extensions in great condition is to avoid tangles as much as possible. Brush at regular points when necessary, i.e. after being out and about, when you first wake up and any other time you think your hair could do with a tidy up. However, the trick to brushing extensions is to do so as gently as possible, so take a soft brush out with you to give your hair a touch-up when required. Tangle Teezer brushes are also a great way to easily remove knots without pulling on the roots.


Over vigorous washing can disturb the bonds of your hair extensions, so rather than scrubbing your scalp, gently stroke shampoo through your lengths. Leftover products can result in itchy extensions, so always rinse well and avoid conditioner directly on the roots if possible. Again, drying hair should be done as gently as you can, using a towel to squeeze out extra moisture and pat dry. Heat dries out hair, so air dry your extensions if possible. However, if you do need to blow-dry them, use a protection spray.

Styling & Colouring

Extensions come in all different shades, but if you’d like to colour your hair, always visit a professional salon with experience of working with extensions. Good stylists will help identify a great hair colour for your skin tone, finding the most flattering shades. When styling your hair, remember that products such as wax, hairspray and gel may clog up your extensions, leading to more washing requirements. If you’re going on holiday, try to avoid getting your hair wet in the pool as chlorine can cause your extensions to become brittle and you may even experience discolouration.


Unlike your own hair, extensions don’t have a natural source of hydration, so regular moisturising hair treatments are a good idea. This can help prevent dry hair, keeping your extensions looking as healthy as possible. This is also a great way to prolong the lifespan of your extensions, which usually last a few weeks to several months depending on the type used and how you treat them. When washing your hair, you should also remember to use high quality products, free of chemicals such as sulphates which can strip natural oils from hair and increase shredding.


Before going to sleep, secure your hair extensions in place to decrease how much they’re pulled about in the night, which can cause disturbances to the bonds. Securing them can also help reduce tangling and matting. Always go to bed with dry hair, as sleeping on wet hair will only leave them to require more brushing and styling in the morning. We also advise detangling extensions before and after you wake, even before washing your hair.

Following the right hair extension aftercare routine will keep them looking soft and silky for longer.

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