It’s that time of year again when lots of end of season parties are coming up before the summer holidays, including prom nights, providing the ideal chance to try out some beautiful new hairstyles. Here are some of our favourite prom hair ideas.

Ride the Waves

Wavy hair is something which can create a number of different looks, whether you’re going for a relaxed beach vibe or something a bit more elaborate for the big night. Loose curls are simple but always so effective, and you can create thicker waves if you’re looking for a glamorous style. Some proms have themes, and if yours is a roaring 20s night, you could even consider Gatsby-era finger waves.

Gorgeous Prom Hair Updos

If you love hitting the dance floor, but hate it when your hair gets in the way or you want to keep cool in the heat, updos are a great idea. There’s some really gorgeous hair up styles out there, including a low bun which has been loosely styled for a soft, romantic look. Twisted hair is a massive trend at the moment too, creating more cohesion and flow between the front and back of the hair which can be difficult in updos. You can even add this technique to a simple ponytail or double twist your hair into a bun.

Experiment with Braids

Braids are one of the most versatile ways to wear your hair on prom night, and you can experiment with what works best for you. You can add braids into practically any hairstyle, including braided buns, side braids or fishtails for a mermaid look. If you have a dress with a neckline you want to show off, combining a French braid with a high bun can look sleek and trendy all in one. We also love waterfall braids, especially when added to wavy hair and multi-braids are huge at the moment too.

Summer Flower Power

If you want to add more colour into your hair, why not add some summer flowers in vibrant shades, even if wearing your hair up in a ponytail. You could even consider a flower crown for a really pretty touch to a simple dress or hairstyle. You could use other accessories if looking for a more Hollywood hair feel for your prom style, including glitzy hairpieces or delicate pearls worked into an updo.

Half up Styles

Wearing half your hair up and leaving the rest down is a good compromise if you want to keep your hair off your face, create a unique hairstyle and you love having your hair down. Continuing with our braid theme, you could sweep back two large side braids while leaving soft waves at the back. For more volume, we love adding a vintage vibe by curling the hair and then twisting some back into a beehive style. Accessories are also a great way to switch up a shorter hairstyle, including sparkly side pins to adorn a wavy bob.

Need a prom hairstyle?

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