We’re constantly on the lookout for great haircare products that will make our clients’ locks look and feel amazing. But, being sticklers for quality, it’s actually quite rare that we find a range that we love! That’s why Goldwell’s collection of hair colours features so heavily in our offering – we absolutely adore the products, we know exactly how to achieve the best effects, and our customers are always delighted with their beautiful new hair colour.

Goldwell’s range is split into four main product types: permanent colour, lightener, semi-permanent colour and colour systems. Within each category, Goldwell has developed unique formulas that focus on enhancing the performance of the colourant by improving the condition of the hair. Whether you’re looking for a wild new shade or a gorgeous, natural tone, Goldwell’s extensive product offering will help you achieve the style you want.

No ammonia means healthier hair!

Our customers increasingly ask us to colour their hair with natural products that don’t contain ammonia, as they know that the repeat application of chemical-heavy colourants can eventually cause damage to the hair – be it split ends, unhealthy hair cuticles or increased frizz. Products with ammonia can also irritate the skin (which is why you always do a strand test before application). We love Goldwell’s Nectaya, Elumen and Silklift colours as they’re completely ammonia-free, making our clients’ hair vibrant, healthy and shiny.

The products are amazingly gentle

Goldwell’s products are specially designed to nourish, condition and care for the hair while giving it a beautiful colour. This is because Goldwell knows that gorgeous colour can only be achieved if the hair is really healthy. As well as being ammonia-free, many of its products are also oxidant-free and contain strengthening ingredients that ensure the hair is in great condition. For example, Goldwell’s Topchic colour contains patented coenzyme technology, as well as a lotion with IntraLipid technology, in order to achieve optimum gentleness and performance.

We have been expertly trained in using Goldwell’s products

When our customers book a hair-colour treatment with the House of Klamer, using the Goldwell range, we are able to offer advanced, product-specific expertise with our service. This is because the team has trained directly with the Goldwell Academy in London, where we have learnt all about how to use products to improve the condition, shine and colour of our clients’ hair. Whether you’re looking for subtle highlights or intense colour lifts, we will consult you fully on which products and techniques will best meet your needs.

If you want to find out more about Goldwell’s beautiful range of hair colours, contact us at the House of Klamer today. We’ll leave your hair looking healthy, soft and vibrant.

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