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Sometimes as hairdressers, it’s easy for us to forget how daunting it can be to let someone else have control over your hairstyling. Sure, a good consultation will establish a client’s needs and help build up a rapport, but ultimately, you’re putting the look of your hair in the hands of someone else. We love our clients to be open and honest, letting us know their ideas and concerns so that we make them look and feel fabulous.

Here are 4 things your hairdresser wants you to know, helping you enhance results and get the look you want.

Hairstyling secrets - 4 things your hairdresser wants you to know1.      Bring Ideas to Your Appointment

We all communicate differently, so it’s often hard to put into words the look you’re going for. Stylists love it when clients bring ideas in the form of images. Long gone are the days when you would have to flick through 100 hair magazine just to find a few examples. Search online in places like Instagram and Pinterest, where people gather hair ideas in bucketloads. Whatever you’re looking for, you can guarantee there’s a whole board dedicated to it. Save images on your phone or tablet and bring them along!


2.      We Can’t Necessarily Replicate an Exact Picture

When you do bring pictures to your appointment, while these are amazing as a reference point and for letting us know about ideas you love, it may be hard to replicate the exact look. Instead, you should aim for a finish which suits you. This means taking into account your skin tone, eye colour and even the condition of your hair. That’s why it’s important to be honest about any previous treatments you’ve had so that your stylist understands your hair history. They’ll also advise about the amount of upkeep required to maintain the new look.


3.      Nothing Matches up to Professional Hair Colouring

While some think a bottle dye can save you money, nothing is quite like the high quality colouring process that takes place in a salon. Hairstylists can customise shades to your exact hair colour and will use some of the best products available. Ever colour your hair at home and it didn’t look as you thought it would? That’s because stylists are trained to understand the science behind the process and what works (and doesn’t work!). Professional products from top brands used in salons will contain a better formula of ingredients, penetrating your strands for a long lasting result.

4.      Why Regular Cuts Are Important

When we haven’t seen a client for a while, they’ll sometimes say it’s because they are growing their hair. However, when you have split ends, it can cause hair to become thinner where strands are starting to break. The solution? Be honest and let your hairdresser know you’re growing your hair. This way they can trim about half an inch every 8 weeks or so, leaving you with healthier hair that will remain strong and grow long!

Here at the House of Klamer, our team make your experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Come and meet us to tell us some of your hair desires, and we’ll work with you to make them happen. For the best advice and friendly stylists you can trust, get in touch now to make an appointment at our Beaconsfield salon.

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