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While many treatments can end up damaging our hair, if you want healthy looking locks, it’s great to give them some TLC. From hair spa treatments to a deep conditioning mask, there are plenty of ways you can restore your hair back to its best. That’s where the nanokeratin system comes in. As the UK’s leading smoothing product, this hair care system has been designed to tame even the most unruly of looks. Here’s our guide to nanokeratin treatments and why they’re so popular with our clients.

Nanokeratin system in Beaconsfield for hair: definitive guide to this smoothing treatmentWhy Is Keratin Good for Our Hair?

Keratin is naturally found in our skin, hair and nails, and is a protein which provides a protective coat to strengthen the outer layers of these areas. Unfortunately, supplies can deplete over time when your hair is exposed to environmental factors such as heat and chemicals. Applying treatments which actively add keratin or promote keratin growth in the hair help to restore its health, as well as enhancing strength. This makes styling the hair much easier, as there’s more elasticity to bend, curl or smooth the hair without strands breaking.

What Is the Nanokeratin System?

The nanokeratin system was formed through intensive research into different types of hair so that products could be created for the individual needs of each client. This means if you have very frizzy hair, it will help reduce curls, or if you have naturally straight hair, you can expect added shine. It’s even great for coloured hair, locking in your chosen shade and slowing down the fading process. The nanokeratin system is a blow-dry which smooths the hair and eliminates frizz by infusing keratin via biomimetic technology. This type of process refers to human-made systems which imitate nature with the keratin products helping to restore the natural proteins in the hair. By breaking the keratin down to become micro-molecular sized, it makes it easier to penetrate each hair shaft to create smooth and shiny locks.

Benefits of the Nanokeratin Smoothing Treatment

Sick of trying to tame your hair every morning? The best part about undergoing a nanokeratin treatment is that it doesn’t just look great (imagine glossy, sleek hair), but your style becomes completely manageable. This means you can create an enviable salon blow-dry from the comfort of your own home even if you’re used to curly hair. The treatment helps to enhance elasticity and relax curls, reducing time spent blow-drying by up to 80%. Style your hair in the way you want without having to spend hours each week trying to tame your locks before the styling can even begin. Moreover, the effects can last up to 12 weeks, making this a low maintenance treatment which lasts. Just pop into the salon when you need a top-up treatment or notice effects fading.

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